• Ehsan Group, as a leading economic enterprise in Iran with over half a century experience in the fields of industry, mining, trade, and investment has always been trying to provide and produce products and services in accordance with the latest international standards in order to achieve goals such as providing the best quality and promoting customer satisfaction. By formulating a strategy with the aim of entering the upstream and downstream steel and precious metals industries, Ehsan Group has succeeded to expand its activities in the fields of industry, mining, and construction. Having built a legacy in domestic market, the group ventured the international market by opening offices and developing customer networks in different countries including Germany, Italy, Qatar, China, Oman, and Turkey within the last decade. As one of the leading economic enterprises in Iran, Ehsan Group presently has established about 500 specialized staff in the central offices of Tehran and other cities, industrial factories, and mining projects. In the macro strategies of Ehsan Investment Group, it is stipulated that the number of staff will reach about 1,500 in the next 5 years.