Ehsan Group is deeply committed to follow world-class sustainable rules and regulations. Our green HSE team implemented many sustainable processes and routines to make positive impact in the planet earth.

International Investment

Ehsan Group has established businesses in different countries in MENA and Asia region such as Germany, Qatar, China, and Oman.

Mining Industry

Ehsan Group invested in different mines such as iron, lead and zinc and precious metals in several parts of Iran.

Steel Industry

Ehsan Group started its activity in the steel industry about half a century ago and today it is known as the most important supplier of colored sheets in Iran.
  • Endeavoring to observe moral standards in business and beneficiaries' rights.

  • Headlining environmental support, we extend our commitment to social responsibility.

  • Shaping a system that is Responding, Responsible, and flexible.

  • Appreciating teamwork, hard work, and adding value.

  • Navigating innovation, improvement, and fostering organizational agility.


Mission of Ehsan Group

Creating values for the beneficiaries by managing  investements and operating in the fields of mining, steel, and novel businesses.

Ehsan Group Investment

Ehsan Group start invest in start-ups in seed stage in 2020

Ehsan Group Perspective

Being ranked among the top 100 Iranian companies (According to IMI 100 ranking)

One of the regional leading Corporations

50Years of Experience

I strongly believe that a company’s prime asset is its people, I believe in the power of people and their ability to shift boundaries, which leads to success. I believe that when inspired leaders in any specific field come together, one expects nothing less than greatness. Ehsan Group team has extensive hands-on experience in exploration, mining, and Steel. Recently we focus on tech industries and believe we will be successful in this industry as mining and steel in previous decade.

CEO of Ehsan Group.


Ehsan Group, with more than 50 years of investment experience and activity in productive industries, supports individuals and companies that are looking for a risky investor.

In addition to financial contributions, Ehsan Group can accelerate the growth and development of your business due to the presence of experienced human resources.

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  • Pedalica

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  • Foolad Shop

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