• International Investment

    With an accurate recognition of our abilities and a meticulous evaluation of international markets, we have embarked upon establishing the International Affairs Department and trusting in our team capabilities and persistence, we have successfully launched Ehsan Group branches in different countries such as Germany, China, Qatar, UAE, Turkey, etc.

  • Modern Investment

    As a pioneer group, Ehsan group is in search of new opportunities in different industries and emphasizes on creating diversity in our securities. This portfolio spans a spectrum of activities, including the automotive industry, jewelry design and production, the fashion industry, and more. Our main mission is to create value for both customers and partners which is pursued by investing in superior fields of the day taking advantage of technology and innovation which leads to producing high-quality, modern products.

  • Investment in Steel

    Behzad Steel started its activity in the steel industry about half a century ago, with supplying, forming, and distributing sheets in Tehran province. Now, Behzad Steel is one of the leading suppliers of different types of steel sheets, including hot-rolled, cold-rolled, galvanized, and colored sheets in Iran, by concluding long-term contracts with reputable international and domestic manufacturers.

  • Investment in Mining

    With about 15 years of experience, Ehsan Mines Management and Development Group has mines such as iron, zinc, lead, and precious metals mines in several parts of the country. In addition to mining zones and various products, this mining group has advanced machinery and technology in the mine and with ownership of the mines under exploration, it has several projects under development.

Ehsan Group is a well-known brand with more than 50 years of brilliant history

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