Investment in Steel

  • Behzad Steel started its activity in the steel industry about half a century ago, with supplying, forming, and distributing sheets in Tehran province. Now, Behzad Steel is one of the leading suppliers of different types of steel sheets, including hot-rolled, cold-rolled, galvanized, and colored sheets in Iran, by concluding long-term contracts with reputable international and domestic manufacturers. This corporation offers its services to various groups and industries throughout the country. This group has tried to provide better and more accessible services to its customers by establishing branches and workshops equipped with forming machines in several points of the main product market. Customer orientation and flexibility in designing sales models, such as cash sales, credit sales, and financing, have all made Behzad Steel succeed in establishing a good relationship with customers over the years. In line with its commitment to providing quality goods, the corporation has longterm contracts with reputable international manufacturers and also has established offices and monitoring teams in the origin countries in order to ensure the quality of products through continuous monitoring and inspection. Today, Behzad Steel is considered among the major suppliers of colored sheets in the country and tries to expand its sales network throughout the country by eliminating intermediaries and establishing representative offices in most of the provinces. Moreover, it seriously pursues the addition of new products such as profile pipes and rebars to its product portfolio so that better serves the customers.

    teel sections forming factory

    Behzad Steel Factory, located in a 15,000-meter area in Shamsabad Industrial Town, utilizes experienced and highly knowledgeable managers and various modern facilities and equipment. The factory has various forming lines (e.g. Geneva, Palermo, Sinusoidal, Trapezoidal, and Switzerland), and cutting lines with different thicknesses (0.2-14 mm), all of which work in accordance with the latest technologies and standards in the world to ensure that quality products will be provided to customers. The factory services can be ordered on products including colored and non-colored galvanized, cold-rolled (oiled), hot-rolled (black), and acid-washed sheets, and are served in the shortest time and at the highest possible speed. In this way, all industrial and production units that cannot provide suitable equipment for storage, cutting, and preparation of steel sheets are served.

    Online sales

    Based on the years of active experience in the metal industry and considering the capacities in the online market, in 2020, the Steel Group decided to enter this field, and thus the Fooladshop website, as the first platform for online purchase of construction and industrial items and launched an in May 2021. Fooladshop is the online store of Steel Group, created with the aim of innovating to meet the needs of customers and developing complementary services in the industry. In Fooladshop, customers can make the best choice from various sheets, beams, rebars, pipes, profiles, and fiberglass. Purchasing in the simplest form and in the shortest possible time has made the use of Fooladshop a satisfying experience for customers. In addition to online sales, the latest prices, news, and analytical reports on the iron and steel market are also provided in Fooladshop. On this website, people are informed about the latest developments and events in this industry.