Modern Investment

  • As a pioneer group, Ehsan group is in search of new opportunities in different industries and emphasizes on creating diversity in our securities. This portfolio spans a spectrum of activities, including the automotive industry, jewelry design and production, the fashion industry, and more. Our main mission is to create value for both customers and partners which is pursued by investing in superior fields of the day taking advantage of technology and innovation which leads to producing high-quality, modern products

    We are committed to providing our customers with our best products and services, which are produced with both the technology and raw materials from all around the world and offer perfect quality that can be guaranteed. Our primary focus is on continuous improvement of our products and staying in line with global procedures in the industry of the day.

    Leather and Jewelry Products

     Ehsan Group's activities in designing and producing jewellery and leather products will answer the customers' demand for luxury products both inside and outside Iran. We have done our best to meet customer satisfaction by leveraging traditional art, aligning it with modern aesthetics, collaborating with European companies, and utilizing top-of-the-line industrial machinery operated by experts..