Investment in Mining

  • With about 15 years of experience, Ehsan Mines Management and Development Group has mines such as iron, zinc, lead, and precious metals mines in several parts of the country. In addition to mining zones and various products, this mining group has advanced machinery and technology in the mine and with ownership of the mines under exploration, it has several projects under development. The main activities of this group are as follows:

    • Exploration, extraction, exploitation of foreign and domestic mines
    • Mineral processing
    • Contracting in the field of mineral exploration, extraction, and processing
    • Technical, engineering, and consulting services for exploration, extraction, and exploitation of mines, as well as mining equipment and machinery
    • Investment in mining and mineral industries with the participation of domestic and foreign companies
    • Export and import of all minerals and related goods

    The purpose of Ehsan Mines Management and Development Group is to perform mineral exploration and exploitation operations in compliance with safety principles and to create a deep and value-oriented culture, leading to the development of specialized mining skills over many years of professional activity in this field. One of the important sites of this group was established in 2001 and is currently operating in Markazi province by employing over 300 direct human resources. Relying on the expertise of Iranian experts and creating innovation in the field of precious metal ore extraction, the company succeeded in the localization of the knowledge of the process chain from exploration, extraction, and extraction to the production of the final product. Now, the company is one of the leading mines in the Middle East in terms of production and utilizing modern technology. Other projects are being developed in the field of lead and zinc in Markazi and Kurdistan provinces. These mines will soon become one of the major centers of lead and zinc production in the country after the establishment of a huge processing plant. Moreover, the iron ore production project is being launched in Kurdistan province. Soon, this mine will play a key role in supplying the production chain of steel sections of the group.