Established in 2019, Gravita is dedicated to producing high-quality jewelry in line with the latest designs of the day. The facility owes its success to the cutting-edge machinery and the team of professional artisans who actively supervise the production process.

In 2022, up-to-date machinery adhering to European standards found its way into Gravita, which provided us with an opportunity to produce exquisite jewelry totaling over 5 tons per month. As a result of revolutionizing our business with state-of-the-art machinery, we could reach a remarkable position in crafting exquisite jewelry.

A team of well-qualified artisans who meticulously supervise the production process forms the other cornerstone of our success. From shaping concepts into tangible designs to transforming them into valuable art pieces and quality control, unparalleled artisans and goldsmiths take precise measures and are relentlessly pursuing excellence. Embracing European standards across all production stages, our products consistently meet the high standards of Italian companies as the global hubs of luxury and design who have considered Gravita deserving of the ECQA certificate for prestigious design.

Having reached the summit of production capability, we are now capable of collaborating on jewelry production for brands and aiding them in ideation, designing and creation.

Gravita remains committed to its core values of quality, innovation, and excellence, ensuring a continuous journey of success and growth.

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